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Affordable Dental Implant Solutions

Enhancing Smiles With Simple Payment Options

Whether you are using your medicaid benefits or combining your benefits with a simple financing plan, we can help you find an affordable solution at our convenient location.
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Our story
Providing medicaid dental implant solutions

At Grand Valley Dentures and Implants, we understand that navigating Medicaid coverage for dental implants can be challenging. While Medicaid may not cover the actual implant surgery, it does provide coverage for many related procedures such as extractions, crowns or prosthetics, and diagnostic services.

We are proud to accept Medicaid for these parts of your dental implant process, ensuring you get the care you need. For the portions not covered by Medicaid, we offer simple and flexible payment options to help make up the difference. Our goal is to make dental implants accessible and affordable for everyone. Let us help you achieve a healthy and beautiful smile without financial stress.

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